The UEFA European Championship is a football tournament where the national teams of the strongest European countries compete for the title of the best. This tournament first took place in 1958 and is held every 4 years. The top scorer in the finals of this tournament is Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, with 14 goals. The countries with the most victories in this tournament are Germany and Spain, each with 3 European Championship titles.

UEFA European Championship (EURO 2024) Betting

European Football Championships are often considered even stronger tournaments than, for example, the World Cup. Yes, you won't see teams like Brazil or Argentina in EURO 2024, but at the same time, there are no very weak teams that are often present in the World Cup. This summer, EURO 2024 will take place in Germany, and predicting the winner is very difficult. Betting odds show that there is no clear favorite, promising us an impressive football spectacle.