The English Premier League is the most-watched football league both in Lithuania and around the world. Established in 1992, this football championship continues to thrill viewers with its high-tempo football, world-class players, and top-tier coaches. The most successful Premier League teams are Manchester United (13 titles), Manchester City (6 titles), Chelsea (5 titles), Arsenal (3 titles), and Liverpool (1 title). The all-time top scorer in the Premier League is Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer, who scored an impressive 260 goals. This league has also showcased talents like Cristiano Ronaldo, Frank Lampard, Ryan Giggs, Thierry Henry, and many others.

English Premier League Betting

English Premier League betting is probably one of the most popular forms of sports betting across various bookmakers. This is due to several simple reasons. Firstly, the clubs: this league features some of the most famous and popular clubs in the world, such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City. Additionally, the league's massive revenues allow even smaller clubs to attract well-known footballers.