President of Al Hilal: L. Messi rejected a lucrative offer © CHINE NOUVELLE/SIPA

Miami's "Inter" team striker Lionel Messi had the opportunity to supplement his bank account with an incredible amount.

Last summer, the world champion became a free agent when he left the Paris "Saint Germain" club.

As the president of the "Al Hilal" team, Anmar Al Haili, said, the sniper was presented with an incredible offer from a Saudi Arabian team.

"We promised him 1.4 billion euros, but the footballer said 'no' because his family wanted to go to America.

We were greatly surprised how a player could refuse such money for personal desires. Of course, there was a possibility to try to persuade the family members, but L. Messi decided not to bother.

Of course, we respect such an attitude when family is more important than money," said the billionaire.

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