Petro fired T. Kroos © AFP

Toni Kroos's rough tackle in the quarterfinals eliminated Pedri from the entire tournament.

Spanish fans were furious, as were the players who played in the match. Meanwhile, the German midfielder didn't even receive a yellow card, and the tackle was so rough that Pedri had to leave the field. In the end, it turned out that his tournament was over, and he won't play football for at least a month.

After the match, T. Kroos stated that he had no intention of hurting his opponent. The German eventually apologized.

Pedri accepted the apology: "Thank you for your message, Toni. That's football and these things happen. Your great career and honorable play speak for you," the Barcelona midfielder said without holding grudges.

Pedri on IG: "Thank you Toni Kroos for your message. This is football and these things happen. Your career and your track record remain forever."
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