"Marseille" will try to recover A. Sanchez" 
(Note: This translation may not capture all the nuances of the original title) © AFP

Well-known pundit Rudy Galetti reports that the "Marseille" club is seriously considering inviting forward Alexis Sanchez to join their ranks, who already played for the team in the 2022-2023 season.

Last summer, A. Sanchez surprised the football world by deciding to return to the Milan team "Inter", where he played 23 matches and became the champion of Italy.

A. Sanchez is already 35 years old, but in the "Marseille" team, he scored 14 goals and made 3 assists in over 35 matches in the last two years. "Marseille" is likely also attracted by the player's attractive price.

However, it is also reported that A. Sanchez is also wanted by another one of his former teams, "Udinese". It is where he started his career in Europe.

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