J. Mourinho - about the biggest surprise of EURO 2024 © ZUMAPRESS com.

One of the most famous European coaches of this era, Jose Mourinho, carefully follows the ongoing European championship.

The experienced specialist claims that before the championship, he almost correctly predicted the future semi-finalists, although one team surprised him.

The strategist also talked about the poor performance of the Portugal team.

"There is always anger when you know you could have done better. After all, our team had enormous potential," the specialist poured out his bitterness, also talking about his predictions.

"My predictions almost came true when I said that Portugal, France, and England are the favorites of the championship. Two of them reached the semi-final stage.

However, I was most surprised by Spain. After all, this is practically a new team, but they managed to improve significantly.

Now it is the Spaniards who are demonstrating the best game, and this team is the only one that confidently competes throughout the tournament," said J. Mourinho.

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