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This summer will mark the seventeenth UEFA European Championship, where the 24 strongest teams of the continent will compete for the Henri Delaunay Trophy. Organized since 1960 and already a tradition, the biggest European football event is interesting not only for the mastery of the highest-level ball virtuosos, but also for its history. Football News Portal presents interesting facts about the UEFA European Championship that you may not have known.

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Spain is the only team to defend the championship title

In 2008, the Spanish national team, full of impressive talents, won the European Championship after a 44-year hiatus.

It was the beginning of the unbelievable dominance of one of the best national teams of all time.

They managed to do what no one else had done before - defend the champions' title. The 2012 team was an obvious favorite throughout the championship and in the final, they left no hope for the Italians with a 4-0 win.

The team was led by football legends such as David Silva, Andres Iniesta, David Villa, and Xavi.

Denmark didn't qualify for the 1992 Championship but won the title

In 1992, the Yugoslavian national team, having earned the opportunity to play in the European Championship, was disqualified due to the wars in the country at the time, so Denmark was invited to fill the vacant spot.

Danes shocked the world by reaching the final and beating Germany 2-0 with goals from John Jensen and Kim Vilfort.

This can be called an incredible achievement for a team that was relaxing on the beach when they found out they would participate in the championship.

The most goal-scoring players of the tournament

The 2012 UEFA European Championship in Poland and Ukraine became the epic finale of the golden era of the Spanish national team.

Throughout the tournament, the Spanish team conceded only one goal, and their forward Fernando Torres received the "Golden Boot" awarded to the most goal-scoring player.

At that time, the London "Chelsea" footballer scored three goals, but he was not the only one to score that many precise shots.

With three goals, Italian Mario Balotelli, Croatian Mario Mandzukic, Russian Alan Dzagoev, Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, and German Mario Gotze also stood out.

Torres was awarded for achieving this with the fewest minutes played.

Michel Platini scored the most goals in history in one European Championship

The 1984 European Championship took place in France, and the host team was determined to lift the trophies on their home turf.

The leader of the "The Blues" M. Platini was the best player in the world and the essential player of the team, scoring 7 goals in the group stage alone.

After more goals in the semifinals against Portugal and the final against Spain, he became the player with the most goals scored in one championship.

The attacking midfielder was simply unstoppable, and the team led by him defended their home fortress and triumphed in the tournament.

The creator of the European Championship idea did not see his creation come to life

Henri Delaunay was the first UEFA General Secretary and together with the then FIFA President Jules Rimet, they were responsible for developing the idea of the European national football championships in 1927.

Unfortunately, H. Delaunay did not get to see the fruits of his work - he passed away in 1955, and the first European championship took place in 1960.

Nevertheless, his legacy is immense, which is why the tournament trophy was named in his honor.

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