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Already on Friday, June 14th, the majority of Europe will focus their attention on Germany, where the 2024 European Football Championship will take place.

Football fans, as usual before such tournaments, engage in speculation and predictions about who will lift the trophies this time, or which player will become the top scorer of the tournament.

Prior to the tournament, betting companies also present their predictions, this time not seeing a clear EURO 2024 favorite.

Tournament favorites - England and France

European championships are usually highly competitive, and this tournament should be no different. The fact that the current champions Italy, according to betting companies, have little chance to defend their title, says a lot. Various betting companies assess Italy's chances of triumphing at around 5-6 percent, and most of them do not even see this team among those that will play in the semifinals.

England and France are considered favorites of the tournament. In most betting companies, a slight advantage is given to the English, but both their and France's chances are estimated at around 20 percent.

Germany, Spain, and Portugal are considered the most serious rivals of England and France.

Semifinals - the four European giants

Speaking of the teams that will reach the semifinals, betting companies unanimously have no questions regarding the first three teams. Almost all betting companies agree that England, France, and Germany will play in the semifinals.

The chances of England and France to play in the semifinals are almost identical - around 66 percent. Meanwhile, the chances of Germany are slightly less than 50 percent.

There are question marks for the betting companies regarding the fourth team. Both Spain and Portugal are considered equal in the chances to play in the semifinals - around 40 percent.

Race for the top scorer title

Euro 2024 will not lack well-known footballers, and as always, a lot of attention should be drawn to the race for the title of the tournament's top scorer.

It is not surprising that the favorites to win this award are the offensive leaders of France and England, Kylian Mbappé and Harry Kane.

K. Mbappé is considered a slight favorite in this race and his chances are estimated at just under 20 percent. In the case of H. Kane, a probability of about 16 percent is given.

Following them in the rankings are Cristiano Ronaldo, Jude Bellingham, Romelu Lukaku, and Olivier Giroud.

Best EURO 2024 player

However, goals are not everything that determines success in football, so EURO 2024 will also see the selection of the best player of the entire tournament. According to bookmakers, there will be no shortage of intrigue here.

The biggest favorite here is again the Frenchman K. Mbappé, followed closely by two Englishmen - J. Bellingham and H. Kane. Not far behind them is Toni Kroos, who played his last tournament for Germany.

Nevertheless, it is certainly not possible to write off players like C. Ronaldo or Kevin De Bruyne's chances, especially if the Portuguese or Belgians go far enough.

EURO 2024 European Football Championship Predictions

Football betting is an inseparable part of the sport. Not all football fans are willing to risk money, so they choose to participate in predictions, where valuable prizes can be won without any risk.

Below is the table showing the probability for national teams to win "Euro 2024" according to the bookmaker "Twinsbet":

Team Probability
England 22.22%
France 20.00%
Germany 15.38%
Portugal 13.33%
Spain 11.11%
Netherlands 6.67%
Italy 5.88%
Denmark 2.44%
Croatia 2.44%
Turkey 1.96%
Serbia 1.49%
Switzerland 1.49%
Austria 1.23%
Hungary 1.23%
Scotland 0.99%
Ukraine 0.99%
Czech Republic 0.66%
Poland 0.66%
Romania 0.5%
Slovakia 0.2%
Albania 0.2%
Georgia 0.2%

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