Did M. Caicedo criticize M. Pochettino? © ZUMAPRESS.com

One of the most expensive signings of all time for London's Chelsea club, Moises Caicedo, made waves last season. However, he tried to explain his performance by giving an interview to local Ecuadorian journalist Alfonso Lanso.

The midfielder spoke about the differences between his former teams: "At Brighton there was a lot of tactics, ball playing: just tactics, tactics, tactics."

"At Chelsea it was just running, running, running and it was very challenging for me."

At the beginning of the season, some of us players were criticized because things weren't going well, the fans criticized us. It was a difficult period, I found it easier to play away than at home, where the Chelsea fans were very angry," said M. Caicedo.

The Ecuadorian, who cost the "aristocrats" 116 million euros, finished the season in the Premier League with 1 goal and 3 assists. He played 35 matches.

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