D. Deschamps, who praised Spain, retorted to the journalist: "If you are bored, switch to something else" © IMAGO/PanoramiC

Didier Deschamps is awaiting the fourth semi-final of his career with the French national team. Although the finals did not go well, the first three attempts - 2018, 2022 WC and 2016 EURO were successful.

In the semi-final facing Spain, the strategist praised the opponents: "All Spanish teams had a secure backbone, usually consisting of three people, who were of very high technical skill.

Spain has a great attacking potential, but defensive midfielders are also important, especially highlighting Rodri, who is their key player. This is a team that has shown the most skill since the beginning of the tournament and has made the biggest impression on everyone."

However, the most notable response at the press conference was to a question from a Swedish journalist who asked if D. Deschamps understands criticism of boring play: "You are Swedish, are you sure about that? Nothing strange that you live in France! If you are bored, do something else, it doesn't concern you, you don't have to do that.

This European Championship is special to everyone, despite a lower number of goals than before. We can bring joy to people, make French men and women happy because of our results.

If Swedes are bored, I don't really care," said the coach of the French national team. 

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